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Vol 19, No 2 How to Cite. Couto, A. Research in Psychotherapy: Psychopathology, Process and Outcome , 19 2. Emotion-focused coping is a technique that is used to help the client become more aware of his or her emotional reactions and how these are triggered by stressors that are present in life. This coping technique is used to alter the way an individual experiences situations so that they can be more appropriate in the responses that are present. If a person is emotionally reactive and does this in a negative manner which can hinder work and home this technique can assist in reducing these reactions so that they can become more open to expressing emotions rationally and not in a manner which can cause other issues to manifest.

The theory that guided the development of this therapy is the attachment theory.

Emotion-Focused Therapy for Depression by Leslie S. Greenberg

It has been found that a person is healthier through emotional contact and when he or she feels safe in the interactions that they have with others. This therapy is based on the idea that issues in relationships are often surrounding feelings of abandonment and how the individual reacts to these fears. This can cause conflict in the relationship and also cause issues with intimacy and trust. One of the main focuses of this therapy is to help the individual overcome the insecurities that are present.

In doing this an individual can reduce negative reactions, conflict, and strengthen the attachment of the relationship. This therapy identifies the importance of secure attachment and if an individual does not feel secure in their attachments with significant others or loved ones it can cause them to feel unsafe or in danger. When an individual feels this danger they may negatively respond due to the fight-or-flight response being triggered.

If the brain feels that they are not secure or safe it immediately starts to become anxious, negatively respond, or find coping mechanisms which may not be effective. When a mind works in panic or anxiety mode, it has a higher prevalence to participate in negative behaviors, conflicts, or emotionally driven responses. In knowing that the mind may work in this manner, this therapy works with individuals to become more present in the here and now and working in developing an appropriate manner to respond to distress.

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This can help to strengthen relationships and increase more positive feelings and also feeling safer. This therapy works to assist the client to become more aware of his or her emotions and also the responses that they have when these emotions occur. When a client becomes more aware of his or her emotions they are more capable of understanding emotional experiences and how these can cause conflict and distress in relationships.

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  8. This therapy works to assist individuals to use emotions to help them to develop more appropriate responses that can lead to healthy and meaningful lives. It helps to reshape the emotional responses to help form a more positive mood to assist in the change process and make it beneficial and worthwhile. When using this therapy approach there are three different phases that are present throughout the therapy sessions.

    The first phase is the assess and de-escalation phase. The goal of this phase is to work to uncover the underlying emotional problems and begin to change the way that the clients perceive these problems.

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    Many times when a person responds to things in a negative or reactive manner it is due to underlying feelings and emotions. Identifying and overcoming these underlying feelings is imperative to improve relationships. Phase two is the change events phase.

    Emotionally Focused Therapy: What is it?

    This phase is focused on creating new and more appropriate emotional experiences to replace the negative experiences that were present in the past. This phase works on communication and developing more appropriate communication skills needed to effectively express feelings and emotions.

    The final phase is the consolidation of the change phase. This phase works to wrap up the sessions by resolving old conflicts and problems and developing a plan for continued positive changes after the therapy process is over. A therapist that uses this technique has to maintain a compassionate, non-judgemental, empathetic listening skills, and a reflective approach. Remember me. Forgot password.

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