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Growing Up Duggar: Courtship chapter features one big contradiction

Save to List. In this updated edition, the chapter on courtship has new stories and insights that reflect the experiences of the now-married Duggar daughters and how they lived out the principles of courtship all Read description. Go to Basket. If you like this you may also like Growing Up Duggar Full Product Description In this updated edition, the chapter on courtship has new stories and insights that reflect the experiences of the now-married Duggar daughters and how they lived out the principles of courtship all the way to the altar. The Duggar children are frequently asked, "Tell the truth; do you really agree with the lifestyle your parents have created for you?

With a backdrop of the key relationships in their lives-relationship with self, parents, siblings, friends, boys, and God-the four Duggar girls also open up about their own personal faith and convictions, boys, dating, peer pressure, manners, living in a large family, politics, and much more.

You'll learn how the family navigates the difficult years between twelve and sixteen and what the girls look for in a man, all in a frank and fun book that will inspire teens and adults alike. However, the book was mostly pr The Duggars have always been one of my favorite TV families. However, the book was mostly preachy stuff and while I thought that was inspiring and a good topic, it wasn't executed that well.

The book's sections ranged from raving about Rick Santorum I'm serious , to talking about how rock music promotes rebellion, even to how you should answer your parents like robots Okay, so they didn't use this analogy, but I did.

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Also, there were quite a few things that aggravated me to no end. For example, the family likes to play what they call "practical" jokes on each other. One time, they all yelled "Fire! Their father went running outside with water, worried that it was creating a forest fire. I see this as an evil thing to do to somebody, and these girls claim to be "godly" children? Also, one passage described how two of the girls volunteered with the Fire department. I came across this passage and couldn't help but frown: "Since there are plenty of guys in our volunteer department, we're not the ones going into burning buildings; we leave that to the men.

The book had some inspirational messages, and hoped to make girls feel good about themselves and the way they look. This is a wonderful message, and I'm happy the girls were spreading modesty, and respect, instead of books nowadays which show teenagers as trashy and low. Overall, I thought this book had a wonderful message, but wasn't executed that well.

Content: G - Appropriate for all ages View all 3 comments. Mar 31, Emily rated it it was ok. I read this book more out of curiosity than general affection for the Duggars.

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This book was all over the place, like they were unsure of exactly how they wanted to go about delivering their message. A great deal of the book read as an advertorial for many of the products and services that the Duggars endorse, including modest bathing suit companies, Bill Gothard's various ministries, programs, and homeschool curriculums, and other related things. In reading more about Bill Gothard, this is kind I read this book more out of curiosity than general affection for the Duggars.

In reading more about Bill Gothard, this is kind of a deal breaker to me. Gothard has had to step down from the helm of his empire due to sexual abuse allegations spanning decades.

Growing Up Quiverfull - The Duggar's Destructive Cult

In addition to that, his institutes and other programs are ludicrously expensive, and in a way kind of remind me of Scientology, in that you need to pay them all this money to learn how to be closer to God. The main goal of this book, the girls say many times, is to bring readers closer to a personal relationship with Jesus.

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If this was their goal, I don't think they very carefully considered the knowledge level of their readers regarding the Bible and their particular sect of Christianity. I'm far from a Christian expert, but I do have some Bible knowledge. They frequently reference stories in the Bible or passages of scripture without fully explaining them -- for example, they say they strive to be Proverbs 31 women, but they don't explain what that means, or give the actual proverb.

I know what this means, but someone with less knowledge of the Bible might be confused. On a positive note, it was interesting to read more about the girls on an individual level -- you don't get much of that on the show. The family is painted as very perfect, and the stories the girls share tell you that's not the truth.

They are not perfect and have had struggles like every family and individual. This more human side of the Duggars is refreshing. That being said, I do not share their views regarding "courtship", culture or politics, which are three sections of the book that I don't agree with at. They base these beliefs on their interpretation of religion, an interpretation I do not share. Feb 14, Laura rated it it was amazing.

This candid look into what Jana, Jill, Jessa, and Jinger believe and why they believe it will give you practical insights into your own life and will inspire you to evaluate principles that will work for you. We have heard about it. This was an interesting book to read, though as a parent I could see where it was geared more toward teenage girls than for adults.

My oldest daughter eighteen will want to eventually read it, so I just gave her the book when I finished. Great advice for girls. The Duggars are a more conservative family than most, but the girls take great care in not offending their potential readers. If you have a teen or preteen daughter this would be excellent for them to read. Highly recommended. Apr 18, Sarah Beth added it Shelves: age I cannot give this book any stars. It defies the star rating. For some reason, I thought these girls would have a less sincere appreciation of the way they were raised.

A bit of humor, a touch of rebellion, a word of sarcasm-- but NADA. This was the weirdest, most sincere, vaguely allegorical book I've ever read. They just talked over and over about how you should let men make decisions for you. I mean, basically. Also, there was a lot of outright discussion of Satan, which I thought was really w I cannot give this book any stars.

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Also, there was a lot of outright discussion of Satan, which I thought was really weird and specific. Their folksy colloquial way of speech did not endear them to me, either.

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The lack of agency this book espouses-- giving your whole life over to your father and to god-- just made me feel so sad. The three oldest really seem to buy into this, but I'm holding out for Jinger to rebel. Oct 27, Morgan rated it it was amazing Shelves: outread-aubrey Good reviewed it on her blog that I actually thought to look it up at the library.

To my surprise, my library actually had it and so I decided to check it out.


It sat on my dresser for a while, but when I finally sat down to read it, I read it in about a day. I actually had a couple people ask for a review on it, which is rather an unusual experience for me. I've never really review Recommended for: Girls Ages 13 and Up I had been wanting to read this book for awhile, but it wasn't until Leah E. I've never really reviewed a nonfiction book before, but here goes.

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  • Growing Up Duggar!
  • First off, the book is well written. It is written in a conversational style that is very friendly and easy to read, and really feels very personal. The Duggar girls did a good job of reaching out with this book and sharing their experiences.

    Yet while they were very specific about their convictions and definite that they believe firmly in them, they at the same time weren't judgmental about those with differing views. At least, I didn't feel like they were, and I certainly don't agree with them on every single thing. In Growing Up Duggar, Jana, Jill, Jessa, and Jinger used Scripture and their life experiences as well as those of people they know to explain their convictions and offer advice on how to live in a godly way in all areas of life.

    Not everything was new to me, but I did find myself noticing areas of my life that I need to work on as they discussed them. It also offered new perspective. For instance, I never realized before that by being discontent with unchangeables in one's self, you are being upset with God for the way He made you. The focus of the book is relationships. They explain how they and their parents have always striven to have a good and open relationship and how beneficial that is for both parties.

    They also talk about relationships with siblings and how important they are. Your siblings are your siblings for always, so being friends is important. The Duggar girls haven't always been best friends; they share stories on how they cultivated the close relationship they have now. I have a good relationship with my sisters, but it's still far from perfect, and this book helped me to identify ways I am struggling in that and in my attitude that I need to work on. The chapter on courtship and relationships with guys was especially interesting to me.

    It is something my mom and I have had many conversations on, and much of what they said reinforced what we have discussed.

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    • Growing Up Duggar: Part 1 – Explanations & Humblebrag.
    • An example is that a young man's treatment of his mother and sisters is a good indicator of how he will treat his wife. They also talked about how important it is to get to know a guy in real life situations rather than solely in best behavior type situations, which is something I fully agree with. Last week, a family in my church hosted a meeting where three couples talked about their experiences with courtship, and while they were, for the most part, less strict in their rules than the Duggars, many of the subjects they talked about were the same and from generally the same perspective.

      They do deal with some tough subjects, particularly in this chapter, such as abortion, but they handled it all well. I fully agree with the section on politics, and am glad that people who are strong Christians and as well known as the Duggars are understand the extreme importance of Christians being involved in politics.