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Unfortunately, ''Remembering War'' lacks the most recent information and admissions that have come out about the inhuman policies of Stalinism. The book does offer a great deal of valuable material about military cooperation as well as military thinking at the time about the best way to destroy Hitler's armies.

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Evenhandedly, ''Remembering War'' fills in gaps in knowledge about the sacrifices endured by people in both countries. The dangerous American merchant marine journeys across the North Atlantic carrying military equipment to the beleaguered Russians are recalled: ''Despite resistance from some American isolationists, the U. Congress approved lend-lease aid to the U.

The extent of American lend-lease aid has been played down in official Soviet histories. A major source of distrust between the two nations concerned the opening of a second European front by Britain and the United States.

Four decades later, Soviet participants in the television program were still critical of the fact that D-day in France did not take place until June In one of the most valuable interviews in the book, Elliott Roosevelt, the President's son and an Air Force general, explained the different positions: ''You see, the Russians felt that they had borne the brunt of the war, and that in resisting the Germans, they had pulled a great number of Nazi divisions away from the western part of Europe and that, therefore, we should go in and open the front in the west by a big landing operation in France or the lowlands.

But our point of view was that you don't go in until you've got a chance of succeeding. We waited until we had what we felt was a knockout punch available to us. Practical insights in caring for. Home front families.

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