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In making this documentary, director Joshua Oppenheimer offered the leaders of the Indonesian death squads the opportunity to dramatize their memories of their war crimes in any cinematic style they wanted. The killers have proudly lived in power with the memories of their murders for almost half a century, and the film initially just chronicles their brutal history. However, the memories become a powerful teaching tool that reminds both the characters and the viewer that some things may be impossible to forget, but it should never be impossible to forgive. Sometimes it is difficult for us to remember what some of the old values — position, formality, dignity, temperance, decorum or loyalty — meant to those who lived in our past.

Yet, as we follow the story of Mr. Stevens and Miss Kenton both Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson received Academy Award nominations for completely inhabiting these roles , we are also given a sense of the ways in which our history is made by missed opportunities or might-have-beens.

Rarely does a film, besides showing how utterly precious our memories can be to us, also make the effort to explore how even memories of our worst failures can still possess great value. The Remains of the Day does both these things with reverence. The first, revealed as a dream within the second, is explicitly concerned with the recovery of memory, as a plot device: the mysterious Rita Lara Harring seeks her identity, aided by the plucky Betty Naomi Watts.

Both narratives are examples of the way in which memory must be ordered to give shape to human lives. To retreat from memory—to fail, in fact, to re-member the past—is to put an end to all narrative. Stay in the know on the best of art and religion.

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Issue Previous Archives. What do we remember most? The Mirror , Andrei Tarkovsky A tidal wave of wind across a meadow, a barn going up in a blaze, a shower running dry, a supernatural event on a kitchen table, a man on a chair in the sky — Zerkalo The Mirror is a rush of memories and dreams etched like cave paintings in the mind of Andrei Tarkovsky.

Blade Runner , Ridley Scott A spider and her egg Last Year at Marienbad , Alain Resnais Written by Alain Robbe-Grillet, directed by Alain Resnais, Last Year at Marienbad is a striking, beautiful and surreal dream composed of intricate ornamentation, classical gardens, complex corridors and psychological chess. The Manchurian Candidate , John Frankenheimer The Manchurian Candidate has been well noted as a top-notch thriller and dark political satire and one of Frank Sinatra's most enduring performances.

The Act of Killing , Joshua Oppenheimer In making this documentary, director Joshua Oppenheimer offered the leaders of the Indonesian death squads the opportunity to dramatize their memories of their war crimes in any cinematic style they wanted. First Name Last Name Email address. Welcome to Image. We curate content just for you. Email Address. To claim this result or see if it has been claimed you must have a Sportstats account.

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Sign up here. Already have a Sportstats account? Log in here. Date: Location: Guelph, ON. Stop Following Athlete. Processing Your Result Request. This should only take a moment Result Request Error. An error occurred while processing your result request. Please try again at a later time. Belisarius is a quantum man, an engineered Homo quantus who fled the powerful insight of dangerously addictive quantum senses. He found a precarious balance as a con man, but when a client offers him untold wealth to move a squadron of warships across an enemy wormhole, he must embrace his birthright to even try.

In fact, the job is so big that he'll need a crew built from all the new sub-branches of humanity. If he succeeds, he might trigger an interstellar war, but success might also point the way to the next step of Homo quantus evolution. Cyberpunk and space opera collide in a thrilling new trilogy from the author of the acclaimed Aurora Rhapsody saga. When man and machine are one and the same, there are many crimes but only one sin: psyche-wipe. The secrets it has buried could lead to a civilization's salvation, or to its doom. The Asterion Dominion is at peace with its neighbors and itself.

Its citizens enjoy great freedoms and all the luxuries their biosynthetic minds can imagine, design, and create. But beneath the idyllic veneer, something is going wrong. People are going wrong, driven to commit inexplicable crimes without motive or purpose. And once imprisoned for those crimes, they simply vanish. Psyche-wiped and dumped in an alley five years ago, awakened into a culture where ancestral memories stretch back for millennia, Nika Tescarav's past is a blank canvas.

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But if whoever erased her did so in the hope of silencing her, they should have tried harder. In the safe harbor of a distant galaxy, they have evolved into a true biosynthetic race and built a thriving society upon the pillars of personal autonomy, mutual respect and boundless innovation. Now that society is fracturing at the seams. Beneath lies built upon lies, the shocking truth as to why threatens the future of not merely the Asterions, but all life in the universe. Enter a world of technological wonders, exotic alien life, enthralling characters, captivating worlds - and a terrifying evil lurking in the void that will shatter it all.

Loved it she created a movie no director could justly bring to life on the screen in my head buy this an you won't regret it. I am a huge fan of cyberpunk. The book starts in a true film noir fashion. A woman wakes up lying on the pavement, in a dark alley.

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It's raining, she doesn't remember anything, not even her name. From then on it's a rollercoaster ride through the Asterion Dominion where everything and nothing is as it seems. Jennsen does a brilliant job revealing layer after layer of the Asterion society, the amazing technology, the desires and fears of its inhabitants. The characters are realistic and complex and show a true depth of personality which is further reinforced by the fact that they evolve as the story progresses. The story itself is a conspiracy thriller and Jennsen juggles perspectives and timescale to build suspense and weave a story that is hard to put down.

Although the end is satisfying enough, it also generated questions that left me craving for the next instalment. Having gotten to know G. I needn't have worried. I actually finished the book in two weekdays which means that if I wasn't working or sleeping, I was listening! I love Jenssen's female characters and Nika the protagonist is no exception. Where Alex dived right in acts of great bravery regardless of consequences, Nika is confident, level headed and impeccably prepared for the most risky and dangerous tasks. If it needs to be done, Nika will do it.

This is also reflected on Jennsen's writing.

You can clearly see a more mature and confident writing style in this book compared with the Aurora Rhapsody series. Whether this is because of her growing skill as a writer or an ingenious way to immerse you into the protagonists world, I wouldn't want to guess. I suspect a bit of both. I can't leave a review without acknowledging the immense talent that is Pyper Down. Once again, she does an amazing job of the characters with another brilliant performance.

Can't wait for the next one! GSJ's imagination never ceases to amaze me. The incredible stories she tells, the awe and wonder is amazing.

The secret herstory: what happened to Donna Tartt's women?

The stories are truly addictive. You feel as though you are living the story along side the characters. Pyper Down's unforgettable narration makes it the perfect audible experience. Can't wait for EEM Book 2!!! Get a free audiobook. Written by: G. Narrated by: Pyper Down.