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As well, discover more of the lore about the unicorns, the workings of the Magical Unicorn Society, and find out which guardian unicorn protects you. Beautifully designed and produced, with clear text boxes and layout, interactive features such as quizzes and benefiting, of course, from the superb photography that the parent magazine is renowned for.

Each book has been carefully levelled against Book Bands and all have the key information text features such as index, contents and glossary, making them very useful for guided reading. But their main appeal is in the genuinely engaging writing and the sound research behind every title.

Many children prefer to read information books about the real world and with attractive, appealing texts like these it is no wonder! Exquisitely gorgeous illustrations accompany a well known fairy tale with a difference, an edge. I opened the package containing the book and exclaimed in delight. The illustrations by Ehsan Abdollahi carry the story perfectly, the gold glistens, the pears call to be picked, the background as stunning as the puppet-like characters.

The story by award-winning Jackie Morris sits boldly on the page, simple, evocative, familiar yet different. The love that Jackie Morris holds for nature shines through, while the ending made me smile, it suits, it feels, well, just so right. The Secret of the Tattered Shoes conjures the traditional fairy tale yet awakens new feelings and thoughts. I absolutely adored this rich and vibrant tale, both for the new interpretation, and the illustrations which adorn it. Children who have triumphed, overcome and persevered.

I Am the Ice Worm

Children who would put most grown ups to shame! It features over 29 tales of amazing young girls and boys who have achieved the unimaginable - from surviving a plane crash in the jungle to striking against climate change. There are tales of triumphing over illness and injury, and of overcoming bullying. Each incredible story is narrated in an exciting and engaging style, and is combined with visually stunning illustrations by Amy Blackwell.

Children can lose themselves in the remarkable true-life tales of ingenuity, courage and commitment. Practical tips and skills accompany every entry, from how to deal with altitude sickness to how to be more green. They provide children with an exciting springboard and the confidence to apply the knowledge to their own life situations - now and in the future.

A perfect gift for every fearless child you know, these empowering stories show that no matter who you are, how old you are, and what you do, you can rise to the challenge.

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The books are short and divided into chapters thereby breaking the story into manageable chunks. The adventures are lively and fast-moving though told via short sentences and carefully chosen vocabulary: some words are highlighted in the Tips for Grown Ups section on the inside cover, so that children can learn them and their meanings. Full colour illustrations amplify the action and make the books really attractive to look at too. Written by favourite authors, these are well worth collecting and are just the thing for children ready for reading. The Sky at Night presenter Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock was bitten by the space bug as a kid and does an excellent job of passing on her passion in this inspiring book.

The book features amazing NASA photos alongside full colour illustrations and is packed with up-to-date information presented in blocks of text or via charts and diagrams. It does exactly what books like this should: answering all the questions readers will have, while inspiring them to future journeys of discovery. Get ready for Halloween with this child-friendly collection of spooky stories from all over the world. Feel your pulse race and your skin tingle as you read about the fearsome witch Baba Yaga, the serpent woman from Spain, the rescue of Tam Lin from the bewitching Queen of the Fairies, how Father Death gets caught in the Enchanted Apple Tree, and the waterdwelling Bunyip from Australia.

Make sure you have your candle ready as it's sure to be a long night This gorgeous gift book is the perfect anthology for Halloween, or any time you want to be spooked! Longlisted for the UKLA Book Awards On the day before the valley is to be flooded to form a reservoir, a girl and her father play and dance in the deserted houses, remembering the people who have lived there. This is an exquisite book in which words and pictures interweave to evoke wild beauty and a deep mystery. Colfer explores his subject with an empathy which makes the characters and dilemmas very real.

A great read.

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A keen eye and a compassionate mind take you through a year of intricately-crafted celebrations of the wild and beautiful. A book for all seasons and many return visits.

See a Problem?

Siblings Finn the narrator and Aria, and their smuggler dad are undertaking a voyage aboard their home, a boat called Alcina. Brian Skerry here shares treasured family moments as his year old daughter is befriended by a manatee calf and the reader can share his genuine respect and interest in these gentle and increasingly vulnerable sea mammals.

A carefully balanced account shows how manatees have in some cases gained from human developments such as power stations providing the warm water and expanding their habitable areas as well as the obvious dangers caused by pollution and increasing numbers of boats. The reader learns about their worldwide distribution and conservation issues as well as fascinating facts about their, place in myth, legend, history and biology. They are, in fact, most closely related to elephants! At Level 5 the text contains some complex, technical language and varied sentence structures suitable for a confident, independent readers, but the image quality, design and layout will engage readers and support understanding.

Research skills are also facilitated with the help of all the correct information text features such as contents page, and excellent index and glossary. Precipitated by the death of her dog companion, Buddy, Beverly has no reason now to stay at home, so she leaves. This story could have been very bleak, but the wonderful characters DiCamillo draws, and the humour with which she tells this story make it very engaging.

e-book Quiz Me-Bird Trivia: An Interactive Picture Book For Bird Lovers

Obviously set in the US this gives the landscape an exotic feel, and the characters have a wonderfully transatlantic humour that can be appreciated anywhere. An ultimately uplifting story of survival, acceptance and friendship in unlikely places. Our heroes, Wish the young Warrior girl and Xar the boy wizard, are continuing their dangerous quest to defeat the witches they accidentally freed in book one and which threaten both their worlds.

Who will succeed? Can Wish and Xar change the course of history and write their own happy ending?

Baby Bird's First Nest

Interest Age A Julia Eccleshare Pick of the Month September A wonderful adventure for a little girl who overcomes all her fears and gets an unexpected flight in a hot air balloon. Nick-named Scaredy Cat -Sophie by her sister, Sophie seems to be frightened of almost everything and so gets left out of a family trip to the fair to see a famous balloonist show off the tricks of his trade.

Soon Sophie finds that she too has an unexpected and very exciting trip ahead of her!

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  4. Based on a story of Sophie Blanchard one of the first female astronauts this is a charming story that will encourage all readers to be brave. High quality cream paper and a special easy to read font ensure a smooth read for all. This book actually is much more than that; it defines the start of history, which is from the point at which humans began to write and record and asks the reader to take a bold and imaginative journey through the millennia that came before. From the very formation of the Earth and Moon to the beginnings of life and the slow progression and development of our planet, through dinosaurs, extinction events and to the eventual appearance of man.

    The lively text does not talk down or patronise and is highly educative in the use of correct terminology for naming the epochs and creatures as they develop. The inclusive characters that accompany the reader on the journey help to ground us in the familiar and personify our curiosity. The images are striking and informative while being gently amusing.

    A very informative glossary and a Timeline Game to help test your understanding complete this valuable package. An exciting book which will be picked up for reading pleasure as well as being a real asset for the curriculum. September Non-Fiction Book of the Month Matt Sewell is a passionate bird spotter as well as gifted artist and his enthusiasm shines through in this sumptuous book.

    This is a book to delight, intrigue and inspire as well as inform. Author, former McFly and Busted member Dougie Poynter makes sure the tone is friendly and accessible, while keeping a focus on the big issues, and what we need to do about them. It makes for really lively, stimulating and inspiring reading, the kind of book we all need in our lives right now. Many are set in the animal kingdom, like the ones translated here by Carnegie medal winning author and poet Kevin Crossley Holland. Some like The Bremen Town Musicians are extremely well known but others are much less so.

    The authors reveal in the afterword that they have particularly tried to keep the flavour of the different voices telling the tales and they have succeeded brilliantly. They are short, pithy, often funny and perfect for reading aloud. The animals exhibit human traits such as arrogance, greed, cunning, and less often kindness and will provide plenty of food for thought and discussion. I was particularly taken with a tale new to me, The Fox and the Cat, where an arrogant fox boasts that he has tricks.

    The fox is killed by the dogs!