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Associate Professor Peter Billings - TC Beirne School of Law - University of Queensland

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Minerva McGonagall

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In an email sent to Penn Law students, the text of which was obtained by the Daily Pennsylvanian, Ruger said the decision was based not on the substance of Wax's comments, but on her disclosure of student rankings and grades in violation of law school policy. As a teacher, however, she is not free to transgress the policy that student grades are confidential. He also asserted, though, that Wax's claims about black Penn Law students' performance were false, and could have a negative effect on black students in her classes.

Ruger took care, however, to portray his decision as merely an administrative judgment call, not a punishment: As dean it is my responsibility to allocate faculty teaching resources in the best interest of students and of the Law School. Normally, this decision would be private, but because Professor Wax made these inaccurate public statements, and students and alumni raised their concerns publicly, sharing it with our community is important.

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education FIRE , a civil liberties watchdog group for students and faculty at public colleges and private schools which guarantee expressive rights, isn't so sure. For his part, Loury didn't buy Ruger's explanation. In an email, he called Ruger's justifications "clearly a tendentious stretch…intended to discredit [Wax] and to justify his reprehensible actions.

Ira Stoll Christian Britschgi Scott Shackford Robby Soave Mike Riggs Gun Rights. Jacob Sullum Bad laws can cause problems long after they've been passed and forgotten. Baylen Linnekin Free Speech. Okay, so here is chapter 3, and be prepared to use Google Translate in this chapter.

I hope you all enjoy, and here you go! Happy Reading! It was going to be a long week. Jasper could feel it, and today was only Tuesday. He was surprised he made it through yesterday in one piece. Five classes alone took their toll in one semester, and he had just taken them in one day. Luckily today he only had two then he could rest. Maybe Kea was right about working too hard.

Jasper had never been so exhausted. Today's classes were the ones he had been looking forward to Marine Zoology 2 and Advanced French. Jasper was thrilled when he professor from last semester emailed him about the opening in the class, and how he hoped to see Jasper there. The French class sounded very promising.

The professor that would be teaching the class was actually from France. Jasper was positively giddy as he waited outside Prof. He couldn't believe how many students were waiting to go in. Most people he had seen signed up for French because the thought it was sexy, The language of love, But a class of thirty at the beginning of the semester would be fifteen by midterms.

Mas and Jas together gain. You want to sit together. Do you have any other classes?